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What Novel Coronaviruses in

China Tell?

3 Habits keep Chinese Life Risky

know them before your travel to China

· Uniqueness of China
Eating bat

Novel coronaviruses make most people on the world feel upset and panic.

I think every Chinese feels that the 2020 Chinese lunar new year holiday is very horrible and desolate.

In China, since the novel coronaviruses outbreak and expansion to the whole country, local governments bans all gatherings. There are no parties, galas. Most of hotels, recreational spots, like movie theaters, parks, museums, shopping malls, restaurants shut down temporarily.

People fear the plague and do not leave their house. In some cities, like Hangzhou, local government controls and limits residents' outgoing. At the end of the holiday, government extended the holiday to avoid crowds from home town to cities where they work. A lot of company can not and are not allowed to start their business to prevent the viruses’ spreading.

What a disaster it is in this Chinese lunar new year holiday!

Every one wishes the disaster could finish soon.

Personally speaking, I think if my Chinese compatriots could not abandon 3 dietary and healthy habits, such disasters could come as frequent as SARS in 2003 and novel corona viruses nowadays does.

Respectively 3 habits are:

1. No ‘kosher’ food, no eatable food list and taking too many materials as foods;

2. Spiting on the ground everywhere;

3. Refusing using communal tableware, like communal chopsticks and spoons while taking foods from a public tableware to one’s own tableware.

About 1

For a traditional Chinese, there are reasons to take unlimited materials as food. From wild animals to plants, and even nests of a swallow, too many materials are objects of food. For the cause of nutrition, health, tasty and even proud, those poor and rare species are cooked and went into peoples’ stomachs.

That is terrible!

Isn't it enough for us from lessons that SARS originated from eating masked palm civets and novel coronaviruses originated from eating wild animals?

We may learn from Jewish and Muslim friends to regulate what can be food.

About 2

When Chinese eat food together, when there are public dishes for every one at table, every one should use the communal chopsticks and spoon to take food and eat food with private chopsticks and spoon. Do not take food from the public dishes with private chopsticks and spoon, especially when there is one’s spits on those private chopsticks and spoons.

If you are a foreigner, I strongly recommend, whatever nice and hospitable they are, you have to refuse other’s putting food into your bowl with their private chopsticks.

You can tell them, No. That is no good for both of you. It is not sanitary at all.

About 3

Chinese, especially those aged, often spits on the ground everywhere. No spits on the ground , please!

Once we abandoned 3 habits above, China will be a better destination to visit.