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Starve and Die? Becasue you don't know These 2 Chinese Characters?

While travel in China, you may need know thESE two Chararcters meaning hALAL.

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In China, you can seldom see this Arabic word↓ Especially when you are in a restaurant street. There may be many Halal restaurants at that street, But foreigners cannot know that. All of them are in Chinese Character, no foreign languages sign are allowed by government to show on streets in a lot of place in China.

To those some travelers, like Muslim and follower of a religion who can not have pork and so on, how to get food? How can they avoid starvation to die?

It is easy to deal with the difficulty. Just remember Chinese characters of Halal. It only has two characters with lot of transformations.↓

After you recognize each of them very well, then, you can find many delicious Halal foods in China. They are made in Chinese Muslim method, and very unique and tasty.

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