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    For people interested in China, we offer information.

    For people to visit China, we provide services and assistance.

    For people to plan China business, we are your advisers, liaison and assistant in China.

    Travel, Business, Culture etc.,All are High cost-effective, China-related Services.

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  • Make it Easy in Beijing and in China.

    Easy BJ, make everything Easily in Beijing and China.

    Mission and Vision

    Aim to make you feel easy in Beijing and China.
    We are based in Beijing, China. We have insiders view and approach to help people outside China in travel,business and culture activities in China.
    We target on foreign individuals, small and micro enterprises, start-ups, groups interested in China and visit China and make their activities (included but not limited to travel, business, culture) easy in Beijing and China.


    To think, plan, act from your interests and value.

    To make our best to save, protect and earn maximum interests and value for you.

    Honesty and integrity, faithful to you and to avoid potential injuries/risks/scam.

    To crate better communication of Chinese and culture understanding.

    Active in a virtual assistant and local liaison to deliver high performance with a lower cost .

    Whom are we?

    Ming Sun, with the team. Based in Beijing, we, Easy BJ, provide services to people having something with China.

    Team have background of tourism, business(marketing, IPR and legal, accounting and tax, Ad., internet, media, culture, etc.) services.

    We have qualification and experience in related fields.

    Cases & comments

    We are honored to provide service to clients and get reviews from them.


  • What We Do


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    Travel service

    Make you travel easy in China

    Private travel for your need, tourism or business, cultural trips. Plan, Organize, Guide, Tailor-made cultural and theme tour. Arrangement/order for special reservation.

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    Business service

    Make your business easy in China

    Interpreter and translator, Meanwhile your business travel and meeting/activity(road show)/exhibition organizer(project manager/auditor)/secretary/assistant.

    Notary and legal service.

    Rewriting your news letters and articles into Chinese style, assist to find your business in China.

    China localization service

    make your business entry to China easy

    Editing and re-writing news letters, media articles into Chinese and publish them into China media, promote your brand and products.

    Website localization(not only in languages but also assist in technology-related issues, like deign to connect to your CMS to your database SEO, Chinese social media(SNS) operation


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    2018 cips Japanese business Service

    Ming Sun was providing Japanese-Chinese Interpretation Service at 2018 CIPS(China International Pets Show) to Mr. Tanaka, Mr Tanaka is an expert in arowana in Asia. and a judge of commission During 2018 CIPS, Ming Sun is is charge of interpretation and assistant service to Mr. Tanaka in the judgement.

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    Conference and forum service

    Team member Ning Jie provided planning and speech drafting, interpretation, assistant service to Mr. David at 2nd World Heritage Tourism Conference in Beijing. We edited and re-wrote Dr. David's speech, provided Chinese points-of-view to presentation in China, gave him suggestion, finally made Mr. David have a perfect localized presentation in China and to be accepted in Chinese tourism industry, made connection with Chinese people in this field.

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    Travel service

    Ming Sun provided travel service to a business man from Maxico, arranged business meeting in Beijing, and as a tour guide to company to the great wall.

    Business service in China to assista Tanaka as a judge from Japaa.

    conference service

    At 2018 CIPS, Serve Mr Tanaka and his team, make them have a perfect travel and conference by providing planning, construction of booths/kiosks, design of creative exhibition spaces.

  • Service STEPS

    A simple Hi~ makes everything in China easy.

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    Simplely send us an email or say hi at application tools like Wechat, Facebook, etc.

    Once get your information, we reply with enthusiaism.

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    Dialogue and Communication to understand needs.

    Make a plan to meet your expectation.

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    Full Payment of partcial payment

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    Full payment or parcial payment

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    Local Service to be devliered.

    At your service

  • To reach us, you have

    email at 1034620164@qq.com

    Email: ming.sun@easy-bj.cn

    dial 0086 132 4142 5177

    Phone Call at:0086-13241425177

    Add ID of 13241425177 to your Wechat contact list

    Wechat: Add ID of 13241425177 to your Wechat contact list.


    Please leave your message then we contact you.

    B-1, Fuli Tianjie, Chao yang District, Beijing, China.
  • MUSLIMS, PEOPLE FROM AFRICA, LGBT are equally Welcome!



    Muslims, LGBTQers, people from Africa, feel free to contact us.

    We provide service to humankind and respect people's skin colour, sexual orientation, religions.

    Equal Pay, Equalright



    Equally pay us, equally service you get, nothing with people's skin colour, sexual orientation, religions.

    Tailor made services

    Muslims, LGBTQers, people from Africa, feel free to ask us to plan and provide a tailor made service for different people. For example, to understand and get close your counterparts in China.

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