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To Learn Chinese?

A Coach is better than a Teacher

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Tones are most difficult in Chinese learning

Are you going to learn Chinese and master the language?

For most adult learners at the entry level, a Chinese language coach is better than a teacher.


For most of learners, their goals are a good use of Chinese, not to obtain knowledge of The language. One to learn the language would not just aim at having the Chinese vocabulary grammar knowledge and tell people, hi, I can tell you the Chinese language knowledge but I can not speak and communicate in Chinese.

For Chinese language acquisition, language skills must be achieved. That is to say, one should have great command on vocabulary, grammar and practice them naturally and proficiently, at least as the level of a pupil or a teenager who is a native Chinese speaker.

To reach the target, Elementary Chinese learning is more like an exercise to pick up a sport than a study. One mobilizes all related organs, related muscles, like mouth,eyes, tongue, hands, and cells like nerves while talking, writing, listening, reading. To humankind, Language is a kind of daily sport in some ways. A Chinese language coach is better than a teacher/tutor/professor who just deliver knowledge.

A language coach has the responsibility on learners’ accurate motions, like pronunciation, the actions of several organs(mouth, nose, throat, etc); proper corresponding actions, like understanding and reflections by cells and neurons inside brain; like reactions, furthermore, cultural reactions by all organics of a person, like the reaction on hearing "give me five".

A good Chinese language coach usually motivates learners in class by design of more body movements. Finally, that Chinese language coach can activate learner's mind to transfer to the language and changes the learners’ mindset as a real coach changes athletes’ body, gestures and the soul.

Or, we may say, a good Chinese language coach build a new YOU with Chinese language.