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Sep. 2019, Beijing becomes The Real Forbidden City.

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Sep. 2019 Beijing, many times roads are blocked and traffic control happened.

People could not go somewhere of the city as they wish.

Especially in the weekends, roads and streets within the central Beijing, broad area surrounding the Tian'an Men square, has been used for the rehearsal of army parade and gala of 70th anniversary of founding the P.R. China.
In that area(we may call it rehearsal zone), people can not drive and pass at certain times. Museums and tourism attractions keep closed. The forbidden city, which was used for emperors and prohibited to people, is closed from today, 20th Sep. to 1st Oct.
Not only the ground traffic, but also the sky is in control.
In Beijing's residential community, notification from Public Security Bureau has been posted. No drone is allowed from 20th Sep. to 2nd Oct.
If you are going to visit Beijing, please change your schedule to avoid this period. The Beijing City become a real forbidden city in this autumn.
After 1st, Oct,you are welcome to Beijing.