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Documentary of Super China

A Korean Documentary helps you to understand China

· Uniqueness of China

In last summer, I watched a Korean documentary, Super China.
I would like to recommend it to people who are interested in China and keen to know China Affairs. it is made by KBS, Korean famous TV.
I agree on a lot of comments from the documentary and think they are insightful. (Actually, Chinese do not like it and think it is bad for China)
I have been living in China for more than 42 years. Around me, there a lot of incidents similar with most of the cases shown on the documentary. Therefore, I would like to say, the cases on the documentary are reliable.
I learnt Korean language and speak it. There are a lot of common and mutual cultural and society phenomenons. Behind phenomenons, there are common and mutual ethic value. That is to say, our two country people would conduct the same under certain circumstances. For example, filial duty, seniority of ages, priority from hierarchy, discrimination to LGBT,etc. These are applicable to both of our Chinese and Korean. Korean people have a better foundation to understand us.
Why they can be so?
In history, they learnt Chinese culture and adapted it into their culture. Or you may say, they are fully influenced by ancient Chinese culture. For example, Korean can easily understand ancient Chinese characters, they know ancient Chinese philosophy. About politics, Korean was used to be China's satellite state and learnt ancient China politics and input it to their own ancient power system. Till Japanese invasion in 19th century, Korea left China cultural circle.
In my opinion, they are the most familiar one other than Chinese to know China.
On the other hand, they are westernized well country in East Asia. They input democracy and other modern occidental ideas into their politics. They are able to analyse China affairs deeply and introduce it and make West people easy understood.
If you want to have a profound insight on nowadays China, you may start from this documentary.

Documentary Super China produced by KBS and made Chinese unhappy with it