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exciting WALL V.S. PLAZA closed with invisible walls

Great Wall V.s. Tian'anMen Square

Wall, when we say the word of wall, we usually think of closed space, or barrier and something not very happy with. Say, phrases like to bang against a wall, back to the wall, to climb the wall, drive to the wall, to go to the wall etc.

Square, when we say it, we more often think of openness don't we? In a town or a city, a square is a flat open place, often in the shape of a square. People come here freely and talk freely, discuss freely.

If you are in Beijing, your common sense will be changed. You will find there are free Great wall zones to enjoy and closed square with many facilities to block it and many people to constraint you.

Once you go to the great wall around Beijing, the only feeling is exciting. No upsetting, no pressure. You will be fascinated by the wall. Although it was used to block communication and constraint people. It is so active in whole appearance, showing grandness, then you are to be happy with the wall.

Fence to protect Tiann'an Men Square. Special materials made. Never broken by crash.
Great wall is a long and active endless wall which can make you feel happy.

Really? Of course.

Here are photos.


Isn't a plaza for people to speak out? Isn't a wall used to block? They are reversed in Beijing.

Well, when people come to the great wall, they show their smiling face and friendly mood. While people come to the square, they may face a lot of crowded people and cautious to others. Before you get there, you may be checked several times to show your passport and visa entry into China.


Because they are uniqueness of China. That is to say, check out difference, follow Chinese's view and mind.

Remember, there are always uniqueness in China. If you do not know, consult with me. We would like to share our opinions.

Better to avoid 1st Oct, 2019 traveling to Beijing. We have a grand parade and gathering and here are a lot of rehearsals before that parade and gathering. Roads in Beijing will be frequently closed in Sep. In Oct, not only parade and gathering for 70th anniversary of founding our county, but also 4th plenum of China will be held in Beijing. It may not be a good news for visitors to Beijing.

Actually,from Aug., domestic tour groups are not allowed to enter into Beijing. In Sep. transit visa at Beijing international airport must be controlled strictly. Maybe, after 1st, Oct is a better choice to visit Beijing.

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